The Macabre Tarot


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by Samatha Rook

Are you ready to let your skin crawl?
Dare to be ready to get lost in the night?
Are you ready to embrace everything that lives in the shadows? Step into the darkness and release our fears.

A 78-card deck the Macabre tarot that calls you to turn away from the light and explore your own shadow; includes a 22-card major arcana and 4 minor arcana suits. Also included is a detailed guidebook. While following the traditional tarot structure, the deck takes a look at the darker sides of the cards and implores you to embrace all the spooky things that lurk in the dark. You will be pushed down the rabbit hole of your own psyche and forced to face your darkest thoughts therefore take care.

Be warned: this deck is not for the light-hearted or weak spirited.

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Do you know the difference between tarot and oracle cards? The main difference is, tarot sets are all based on the same principal compared to oracle. Just like regular playing cards compared to oracle. The have 4 suits and the specialty cards, doesnt matter what the pictures look like they are all read the same. Tarot are the traditional reading cards and have been around for since the 15th century. Oracle card Decks are stand alone. Each deck is individual and interpretation can be up to the reader. To me oracle are more personal suited to the readers needs. I always say the deck chooses you. Pick what you are drawn to and don’t over think it but use your natural instinct instead.

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