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Past Life Memories & Future Possibilities. Reincarnation & Karma. Author is Karen Bernado, she lives in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria. We do our best to support local Authors and businesses. Shop Local is our motto. This book is very easy to read and I am sure you will enjoy it.  When I read it I had several ah ha moments. Several things just made sense, I really enjoyed reading Past Life Memories & Future Possibilites, for me it was a real page turner.

Karen Bernabo believes that many of our life issues come from our past lives. Karen has been taking people through past life regressions for nearly twenty years. She has also trained other in helping people break the chains of the past. In this comprehensive workbook, you will learn how to take others through different past life regression meditations to disconnect from events that have created fears, phobias, and negative behaviours in this current present life. You will discover that you can be free of the issues that were created in a previous existence. Karen explains about reincarnation and karma so that you can free yourself from reliving the past.

This book contains many real sessions with people that have been transcribed word for word their past life regression. You will also have meditations that take you to your first lifetime, another to discover a hidden talent, another to find the first time that you met your partner/family/friend or significant other. There are also future meditations to find out what might be, plus more.

Karen Bernabo is an experienced practicing spiritual and metaphysical practitioner teacher, clairvoyant medium, Angelic spirit healer, Angelic Reiki/Seichem Master/teacher, Shamballa 1024 Reiki Master, Past Life Regression therapist/teacher, Intuitive Tarot reader/facilitator, Chakra Balancing facilitator, Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programmer Trainer, Guided Meditational Journey facilitator, and Author of spiritual self help books and audios.

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