Crystal Alchemy


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Crystal Alchemy is a unique guidebook about the amazing power of gemstones, providing insights, information, and inspiration for those wishing to create and enhance their experiences of love, magic, spirit and abundance; or simply wanting to gain some extra knowledge around the timeless allure of crystals.

From the physics, metaphysics, history, properties, vibrations, astrological associations, and cosmic correspondences of crystals, to special magical tips, interesting uses, hard-to-find facts, and time-honoured wisdom.

This comprehensive book covers everything you need to know about the infinite possibilities the vast universe of crystals has to offer you!

Lani Sharp is a crystal lover, author, astrologer, Tarot reader, free spirit, believer, dreamer, and gypsy at heart whose foray into the world of gemstones began one day in her early twenties in a small village town in Australia’s northern New South Wales region, at a mystical place called the Crystal Castle. While there, she undertook a life-changing experiment, during which as soon as she felt the crystal’s special energy permeating her body and spirit, she knew there was no turning back, and from that day onwards, crystals and gems have spoken to the depths of her soul. She loves to awaken others’ interest in the topic too and hopes to provide some guidance and insights into the amazing and infinite world of minerals, gems, and fossilised wonders, some forever frozen in time but ever-evolving and giving of their powers eternally.

192 pages