Christmas Tree Melts


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These cute Christmas tree melts are perfect for the Christmas season. Each colour is a different scent. You will receive a set of 6 melts, 2 of each colour/scent.

The white is Gingerbread,  sweet sugary top notes of star anise, clove bud, and grated cinnamon mingle harmoniously, creating an enticing first impression. As the fragrance unfolds, you’ll be enveloped by the heartwarming embrace of a spicy pumpkin gingerbread, with the comforting essence of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon forming the heart notes. Finally, the lingering bottom notes of hazelnut and caramel, infused with a touch of brown sugar and vanilla extract, provide a rich and cozy foundation, making this candle the perfect companion for a cozy evening at home.

The red is Sweet Berry, is actually a delight on any day, year-round. A harmonious fusion of tart raspberry sweetened by the summer sun.

The green is Frankincense & Myrrh.  A fantastic holiday scent combining an Enchanting aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh with balsam spice patchouli and sandalwood.

If you wanted all the same scent please put a note in the comments section on checkout.

Warning: These melts are highly coloured so if a spill occurs staining my happen.

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